The newfoundland puppy - early care early training

Judi Adler

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This book is the one and only that I know of that deals with raising a puppy that is a Newfoundland puppy.  Judi is a 30+ years experience newf breeder and trainer.  She is also a world known expert in water training.  By the way she also wrote a book on the subject which is titled ‘Water work Water play?.  She touches on all aspects of raising a newf puppy.  You can disagree with her at times but at the very least she gives you the opportunity to reflect on all related aspects. 



On talking terms with dogs ?calming signals (& video)

Turid Rugaas


A little gem that comes with a video.  Turid Rugaas studied the body language of dogs and she demonstrates how dogs use the different signats among themselves and how we can use them too particularly to bring peace in stressful situations. 


The dog listener

Ian Fennel


This book is a keeper.  The author teaches us canine language and each chapter is addressing a common behavior problem.  She gives us practical solutions and when we have the chance to read it BEFORE we then learn how to prevent the behavior problems from happening. 


Give your dog a bone by Dr. Ian Billinghurst


Raise your pups with bones by Dr. Ian B illinghurst

The BARF diet by Dr. Ian Billinghurst


Reading this book made a significant difference in my life.  For the first time, I now have hope that we can tangibly contribute to our newfs health and longevity.  It now makes so much sense to me.  AND?it is easy and not costing more money?it is just natural?  You can order it on internet at


Natural Nutrition for dogs and Cats ?the ultimate diet by Kymythy R. Schultze

Kymythy is also a newf owner.  Her book is great and makes it easy to understand why natural nutrition is important and what is it we have to do? a reference!  You can also order it on

Vaccine guide for Dogs and Cats by Catherine J.M. Diodati, MA


You don’t want to be one of those person who let another person decide what your dog will get in terms of vaccination?get yourself informed to make that decision for the greater benefit of your beloved pet!

One of the best holistic magazine in English:


Train Your Dog, Change Your Life: An Interactive Training Program for Individuals, Families, and Their Dogs (Hardcover) by Maureen Ross (Author), Gary Ross (Author)   It can be ordered from or Foreword by Dr. Ian Dunbar, and an excerpt from Dr. Jane Goodall, one of the authors' favorites.  With permission, Turid Rugass's Calming Signals are in it! TYDCYL is published by Howell Book house (Wiley Inc).

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