OK let’s talk food now

For the past 12 years, I fed my dogs and my puppies mostly with a commercial food called Purina Pro Plan Lamb and rice together with some fresh add-on.  Several months ago, I discovered natural nutrition. I read a few books the first of which Give your dog a bone by Dr. Ian Billinghurst which hit me right in the heart. The natural diet improves non only the health of our animals but also their longevity. Supported by a friend of mine, newf owner and breeder who had adopted this nutrition in 1975, I proceeded with changing all of my newfs from a commercial diet based nutrition to a natural diet (hum I am slow I guess). All the ingredients I now use are fit for human consumption. So here is how my puppies are fed starting at 3 weeks of age :
RAW ground beef, pork, turkey or chicken (approximately 60%)
The remaining 40 % is composed of the following:
Raw or cooked eggs with or without the shell
Raw goat milk
Raw chicken necks (1 or 2 each day) ground or whole
A wide variety of veggies (all raw and ground)
A wide variety of fruits (all raw and ground)
Plain or flavoured yogurt (mostly plain)
Cottage cheese
And in smalll quantity only :
Rolled oat
Brown rice
For sure I am forgetting a few now but I am sure you understand the essence of the diet.  What is impotant to understand is that no one meal is completely balanced. It is in the overall nutrition program that we find variety and balance. The variety is my insurance that my dog will be getting all he needs to grow and be healthy. With variety I don’t have to worry about deficiencies or worse having to figure out supplements. With variety my dog has a well balanced diet.
This varied and balanced diet goes hand in hand with making sure the dogs get plenty of raw meaty bone to chew on and to eat.  The raw meaty bones of all kinds (beef, chicken, pork, deer, moose) are key to ensure the needs of the dogs are met. The bones should NEVER NEVER be cooked as they become brittle and dangerous.
Here are a few reading recommendations on the subject :
Give your dog a bone by Dr. Ian Billinghurst
Reading this book made a significant difference in my life. For the first time, I now have hope that we can tangibly contribute to our newfs health and longevity. It now makes so much sense to me. AND?it is easy and not costing more money?it is just natural You can order it on internet at www.dogwise.com
Natural Nutrttion for dogs and Cats the ultimate diet by Kymythy R. Schultze
Kymythy is also a newf owner. He book is great and makes it easy to understand why natural nutrition is important and what is it we have to do? a reference! You can also order it on www.dogwise.com
OK dont be overwhelmed by all that !!! when you come and get your dog, we will discus together about all this and I will help you.

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To learn more about feeding a raw diet, please visit Jane Anderson's Raw Learning site.?Enjoy!